Simplifying the Art of Cookie Decorating

Judit Reding

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Old Christmas cutters? Check out our fun and creative cookie packaging ideas to make your treats the perfect holiday gift for your clients and loved ones! Merry Christmas!

Dec 1, 2023

Check out our blog post for excellent tips on packing your Christmas minis like a pro and making them look gorgeous. Your precious holiday treasures will be safe and secure throughout the season.

November 28, 2023

When baking cookies, I love to make each one special and unique using different materials. I hope this post has inspired you for your Christmas baking adventures!

November 9, 2023

Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays, and I can’t get enough of the fantastic smell of baked goods. I compiled a guide to ensure you enjoy baking without worrying about packaging.

Nov 8, 2023

If you’re someone who loves reusing their Christmas cutters, I’ve got you covered. Check out this guide on packing up our 2022 Christmas collection! I hope you enjoy combining your past and new cutters!

November 8, 2023

Packaging Christmas


Hey! Let's be Cookie Friends! Let me simplify your cookie decorating journey right to your inbox. Recipes, tips, tricks, color palette ideas, new trends and products for cookiers, and packaging ideas. You in?

“love how you go in depth on how to do things. I would have never touched an airbrush if it wasn't for you showing me.
Also always showing what size you use and saying if you want it smaller go with this size. The boxes Ilove that you share what size cutter goes with the boxes. Most don't do that so you're left guessing if you're not that great with measurements etc. you're very helpful with colors and techniques and so sweet. love all of your context and products. You're my favorite shop.”


“I could sing praises of The Sweet DesignsShoppe all day, every day!
You make the highest quantity cutter I've ever purchased. I have bought cutters from dozens of companies and even thrown away ones that poorly cut dough!
Judit goes above and beyond to help her customers. No other shop takes the time to walk through packaging, color palettes, designs, DECORATING EXAMPLES!
You make it SO EASY. As a mom of an actual 5 year old and 10 month old barely finding time to continue my cookie business, you are there holding my hand and doing the hard parts for me! Being able to do simple or easier designs makes my process go so much quicker, capitalizing the little time I have!
Your designs are always the top sellers for me!
I told you, I could go on and on!”


“You make my cookie life easier hands down! I save so much time because I see what I like to order and then start decorating! I don't have to put sets together on my own or think of how to decorate or what colors, you are so helpful by providing images and tools! I like visual preferences, your site is easy to use and so helpful. When you see my cookie cutter collection, 90% are your cutters. I love that they say what they are so I don't have to try and remember!
Everything you do is amazing. I could go on and on with how helpful you and your products have been! THANK YOU!"


Hi, I'm Judit

Founder and Designer of The Sweet Designs Shoppe

I’m a former architect turned cookie cutter designer, royal icing expert and cookie decorator, with big dreams to create a trendy and curated one stop shop for cookiers.