1. Michele Vandiver says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve ordered many of these sets and can’t wait to decorate! Just curious, will your Eddie files for the plaques on this Christmas release be available soon? I was hoping to use them this year in my Christmas presale. ☺️

  2. Anna Blefare says:

    Beautiful cookies! For the penguin set, did you do JOY separately then transferred onto the cookies after?

  3. Paola Hdz. says:

    Gracias por inspirarnos y compartir tu arte, sin duda de las mejores galleteras del mundo, siempre eres fuente de inspiración.

  4. Erin Day says:

    Do you have any packaging ideas for the cookie platter cutters (for instance, I ordered the cute reindeer slice with santa platter cutters)? I can’t wait to decorate them and am looking for ideas on how to package. Thank you!

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