1. I think your taste in color design is exquisite. Thank you for sharing this very helpful layout so that we may achieve these beautiful Easter colors as well!! 💗

  2. Beautiful, it is very helpful.

  3. Dolores says:

    I don’t think there is any other person in the cookie world that works as hard as you to help lift and mentor other Cookiers. I have to tell you that I appreciate E V E R Y T H I N G that you do and consider it a very special gift. Thank You sweet soul!

    • Judit says:

      Reading your comment made my day, thank you so much!!! The blog along with my cutter shop is like a dream come true, and the fact that people like it and appreciate everything we do is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to tell me this, I appreciate it a lot!!!!!

  4. Carmen Hayter says:

    This color pallet is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents.

  5. Marylou Anderson says:

    So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing with us. I love following you and your work. Your blog is amazing ❤️

  6. I am thrilled to see this available. What a kind gesture for you to work on and share to us cookiers for FREE! Your heart is definitely towards others to shine!! 🤗❤️

  7. Faozat says:

    Omg these are awesome !! Thank you for your guidance Judit!!!

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